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Siphoner is a coffee-break roguelike in which you siphon elemental Mana from the environment and creatures to cast unique spells. (Think 868-Hack with magic.)

In this game Mana is health, and every interaction involves the transfer of Mana, including:

  • Walking onto a patch of grass
  • Bumping into a tree
  • Meleeing a mermaid
  • Spellcasting
  • Fireballing a fire demon
  • Entering a Void
  • ???

the Three Mana Laws

1. the Law of Fundamental Cores

Everything in the world is made from the 3 Elements – Fire, Plant, and Water. An entity's "core element" is the element for which it has the most Mana.

2. the Law of Interactions

When two entities come into contact, their core elements will interact.

Fire expels Plant, Plant expels Water, and Water expels Fire. Expelled mana will be recycled into the system. (If both core elements are the same, Mana will flow from the more concentrated source to the less concentrated source.)

3. the Law of Mana-Life Duality

All Life is Mana, and Mana is Life. A Void forms when an entity's Mana is depleted. On contact, a Void will absorb Mana and then transform into a new entity.


- Tileset by @MCNoodlor

Install instructions

Unzip the folder, and open siphon.exe.

Arrow keys to move. ESC to access menu.

Select "New Game" if you get stuck.


siphon_v0.0.1.zip 2 MB

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